My name is Phoebe and however you ended up here, I’m glad you did. 

While I have not been very outspoken in the past about my mental health, staying silent is allowing fear to control my life and if fear is controlling my life, well- that’s not really living. Staying silent just reinforces the shame I have felt for years about my mental heath diagnoses. While I am still trying to truly believe this myself, I will still scream this from the highest mountain top: there is nothing to be ashamed of. there is nothing to be ashamed of! THERE IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF!! I am here to document my journey of learning to love myself, despite what any doctor has on file, despite what I have lost because I didn’t feel worthy, despite those who can’t find it in themselves to love me and I am here to help you do the same. Wander the Arctic is a collection of my thoughts, art, writing and travel journals presented with the intention of inspiring creativity as a successful coping mechanism for mental illness.

My new blog posts go up every Monday and Thursday at Noon EST.


Wander the Arctic is my journey, but I would love to be inspired by yours! I will continue to document my journey wandering though life but I would also like to share this platform with anyone who wants to tell their story.

I want you to be okay. If you ever have questions or something on your mind that you are not comfortable posting in the comments, please feel free to email me at wanderthearctic@gmail.com or shoot me a DM on Facebook or Instagram. I want to cheer you on in your journey.