My name is Phoebe and however you ended up here, I’m glad you did.

You’re probably wondering how “Wandering the Arctic” is relevant to my comfortable, midwestern life so I’ll answer that first: it’s a name that sounded cool (also, I started blogging after my life long dream of standing on a glacier came true so ya know, it’s fitting).

So, what is “the Arctic”? And why are we wandering it? Well friends, “the Arctic” is my personal metaphor for my brain and “wandering” is how I get to know it.

Wander the Arctic is my collection of experiences, stories and creations that have helped me to live to fulfilling life while battling some pretty severe struggles. I invite you to stick around because I am always working on a new project with the ultimate goal of inspiring you and I am extremely lucky to have a platform to do so.

My new blog posts go up every Monday and Thursday at Noon EST.


Wander the Arctic is my journey, but I would love to be inspired by yours! I will continue to document my journey wandering though life but I would also like to share this platform with anyone who wants to tell their story.

I want you to be okay. I want you to understand your beauty and your worth. I aim to inspire and to let you know that we are wandering together.