The Post-Alaska Depression Has Been Real…Part III

I’ve had about a week to meditate on my last Post-Alaska Depression post (if you haven’t, catch up here). One of the main reasons why the Post-Alaska Depression has been so real is because I am afraid that 2018 won’t be nearly as adventurous as 2017. I think that is fair. But I am going to try something new (new to me anyway): optimism.

After almost a month and a half of drowning in Post-Adventure-of-a-Lifetime depression, I am going to try optimism. Every adventure is it’s own opportunity and I refuse to compare them to each other any longer. Obviously, my upcoming trip to Georgia is going to be nothing like Alaska just like Alaska was nothing like my trip to Puerto Rico. They are all different pieces of the puzzle that is my story.

So here is to making the most of the rest of 2017! Obviously I am planning to make 2018 as amazing as possible too but I’m going to focus on the rest of 2017.

I am going to have the most kick-ass time visiting my friends in Georgia later this month.

I am going to watch Halsey FREAKING SLAY at her Atlanta show.

I am going to have an amazing time visiting my family in November.

I am going to see The Maine, Knuckle Puck, Jack & Jack and a few other of my favorite musicians.

I am going to grow my blog and share my stories.

I am always going to miss Alaska. I am always going to miss that specific week of my life. But more good things will come, I just need to let them.


  • I love how you see things positively.Thanks for sharing this to us.I have learned so much.

    • thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

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