Solo Wandering: St. Louis, Missouri.

Solo travel is my favorite type of travel so naturally I decided that I should do a series on it! I am going to title this series “Solo Wandering” because not all of my wandering would necessarily be labeled as “travel”, at least in my opinion. With that being said, welcome to the chronicles of my solo wandering!

I know I haven’t talked about music much so far in this blog (sidetone: let me know if you want me to post about music!), but I know I have mentioned that I have attended a lot of concerts this year, and I mean a lot. When my favorite band Knuckle Puck announced a new tour, I knew I had to go. They did not do a show in my home city so I had to look at my options. The closest show that I could attend was in St. Louis, Missouri. I scheduled the day off work and planned to attend the concert. I’d been to St. Louis twice this year already but I decided I wanted to explore even more. St. Louis is known for the iconic Gateway Arch and I have wantedto go up in the arch for a long time. The last two times I was there, the arch was closed so I gave it another try.

I felt really weird being there alone. There were so many groups of people from all over the world and then there was me. It didn’t really bother me because I love traveling alone, I prefer it actually. But it still felt weird. Going up in the arch is basically like going on a giant ferris wheel. When you get to the top it’s like an indoor bridge and you can look down at the city. The view was awesome. It’s we

ird to me that they had all of these tourist attractions and boat rides and helicopter rides because the view is cool and everything but to be honest, it just looks kind of industrial I had a good time wandering around by the arch and taking picture


It was a cool experience and I would definitely do it again if I was in St. Louis again.

Knuckle Puck was amazing as always. I want to make an entire post in the future about how their music has impacted my life. The concert took place at Fubar, which is basi
cally a bar in St. Louis. It was a pretty small venue but I love concerts like that. They played with another one of my favorite bands, With Confidence (and Movements and Homesafe). Knuckle Puck always puts on a good show. The crowd was intense though. One person fainted and two people got kicked out. I have never had an experience like that at a show and it was mildly terrifying but I still had a good time. Also, if you haven’t please give Knuckle Puck’s new album, Shapeshifter a listen!

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  • I wish I could do solo traveling that you do, it has always been a dream of mine. 🙂

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