The Story of 2017.

Hello Blog Friends. Here we are at the end of 2017. It’s so weird. 2017 was such a long anticipated year for me and to think that its just about over makes me sad and nostalgic. I want to reminisce. Since I didn’t start blogging until the second half of the year, I thought I would do an overview of the entire year. It’s going to be somewhat of a long post, but my longer more travel-y posts tend to do better. I will be throwing some mental health stuff in too. So lets get right on into it.

January 2017 started a little rough. I remember ringing in the new year depressed. In 2016 I ran quite a few half marathons but in December I got really sick. I had planned to run in Louisiana in January but when the time came, I still wasn’t breathing well enough to run but since I had already booked the trip and most of it was non refundable, I decided to travel to Louisiana anyway and see what else I could do. It was a terrible decision and to this day I wish I had just stayed home. I stayed in my bed in my hotel for 3 days and all of my flights were terrible complete with the worst airline customer service I had ever experienced. After that trip I went on a “running strike” aka I said I would never ever run again.

February was a whole lot better. I traveled to Los Angeles, California to visit my best friend for 5 days. They were 5 really good days and I miss California and my best friend so much. I got to walk on the beach, go to Disneyland and just have a good time. For 5 days I didn’t think about mental illness and it was amazing. Thankfully, my happiness lingered for a while after this trip. I didn’t travel in March but March was still a good month. I got really into music and art in March which luckily, has stuck. March was nice turning point because I got my passion for music and art back and I had lost that over the past few years.

April was the month of road trips. I experienced St. Louis, Missouri for the first time. My friends and I took a 4 hour road trip to St. Louis because we wanted to visit Twisted Ranch -a restaurant that has 27 different flavors of ranch dressing (I think I tried 15). We also had a blast visiting City Museum. We saw the arch but it was closed while we were there so we couldn’t go inside. I did, however, get to go inside a few months ago. The second road trip in April was to Cleveland, OH for Easter. The third was to Columbus, OH to kick off concert season. I got off work at 2pm, drove 3 hours to Columbus to see Knuckle Puck and then drove 3 hours back home to make it to work at 8 am the next day. It was exhausting, but so incredibly worth it because incase I haven’t mentioned it 800 times before, Knuckle Puck is my favorite band to ever exist and I would travel the globe and back in a day to see them. I didn’t travel in May either but I did get to see Soundgarden in concert exactly one week before the tragic death of Chris Cornell. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to see them.

June was pretty freaking cool and probably my second favorite month of 2017 (the first obviously being the month I went to Alaska). I visited the Lincoln Log Cabin in Illinois which was pretty cool. I love anything Abe Lincoln so obviously it was the best day ever. I also got to see the Total Package Tour, twice which was definitely something I never ever thought would happen.

I took yet another road trip in July. My good friend and I share a birthday so we decided to celebrate by going to Cincinnati, OH to see two concerts and go to King’s Island. We saw Sam Hunt and Avenged Sevenfold and I went out of my comfort zone and rode roller coasters (I hate sudden drops so much). It was a really fun weekend and I am so glad we went.


Do I even need to explain August? In August, my lifelong dream of going to Alaska came true. After 10 months of planning and anxiously awaiting, I visited Alaska. I have several posts about this trip so I won’t drag on this already probably too long post any more with details but it was hands down, the best 10 days of my life and **spoiler alert** Alaska 2019 can’t come soon enough (what?! yeah!!!). Check out Alaska posts here. (I’m also not done blogging about Alaska. Sorry not sorry.)

September was when Istarted blogging! Yay! I started blogging as an outlet for my PostAlaska Depression. I also got to go to several concerts and just had a good time with my friends. I really have learned to cherish the time I spend with my friends because I don’t get to spend a lot go time with them.

In October, I saw Knuckle Puck again. I went on a day trip to St. Louis and finally got to go in the arch. I got to hear Knuckle Puck play their new album live the night before it was released. I also went to Atlanta, GA to see the one and only Halsey. I got to stay with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and quite honestly, didn’t know that well. I know this sounds cheesy, but I really cherish the bond we formed during this trip. I definitely plan on visiting this friend again in the future and hopefully spending more time in the Atlanta area because it was my first time being there and I really liked it. 

In November, I took a road trip to Cleveland. This trip was unfortunately the victim of some of my irrational emotions but I still had a wonderful time seeing my family and seeing The Maine live. I also saw Jack & Jack live in November.

Here we are in December. Aside from the fact that I have been sick in bed lately, I’ve spent a lot of time this month soaking up time with my friends and family and thinking about my goals for 2018.


Thank you for all the support in 2017. I can only hope 2018 will be full of as much joy and love as 2017 was.


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