How I Have the Confidence to Travel Alone

Happy Monday! If you didn’t happen to catch my Facebook update last night, I have been really sick with the flu and a lung issue and that is why the daily posts Friday through Sunday didn’t go up. I apologize and I thank you for understanding. Now that we have that out of the way, I am going to answer a question I get asked ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. On the internet, in my personal life. Everyday.

How do you have the confidence to travel alone? How are you not afraid? Wow. I could never do that. My husband would never let me do that. Don’t you worry about something happening to you? It would be so boring. People would judge me for being there by myself.


The simple answer is this: I love to travel and sometimes, most of the time actually, solo travel is my only option if I want to go somewhere. And it’s always been that way.

About a year and a half ago, I had a huge realization about life being short and I know that sounds pretty cliche but stick with me. Around the same time, I also had the realization that I am a freaking adult and if I want to go somewhere and do something, who or what is stopping me?! I grew up as an only child and still today I have a pretty small circle of friends and family. I don’t have hundreds of friends who also have the travel bug or who can afford to go somewhere every couple months. But I also firmly believe that just because you others don’t want to do the same things as you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the opportunity to do them.

But if I am being completely honest, I was never scared to travel alone. Maybe something is wrong with me. Who knows. I’ve always been more comfortable with strangers than with people I know and I’ve always been more confident by myself than with a group. Granted, I have yet to do solo international travel (although, I have done international travel with groups of people I barely knew so that is basically the same thing). I would love to travel with others always but for my goals and aspirations, based on what my life currently looks like, thats not feasible so solo travel it is!

I hope this helps answer any questions you may have. Let me know if you would like more posts about my experiences traveling alone versus traveling with other people.

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