My response to anyone who tells me I shouldn’t go somewhere because its “not safe”…

You said where I’m going isn’t safe

A land of violent crimes and hate

But what you fail to understand is that you can relate

How can you worry about me going overseas

When down the street

There is a school teacher begging:


“Don’t hurt them”

“They have so much life left”

“Just shoot me”

Girls much too young are forced to grow up

Too quick to judge, you label them “slut”

It’s hard to believe they aren’t the ones to blame

When those types of teachings-

You chose to take away

“Snap out of it”

“You’re too young to be sad”

“This is the land of the free, your life can’t be that bad”

You can’t say that our home isn’t scary

When I tremble in fear every time I see someone open carry

“They’re protecting you” -you say

“It’s their right to bear arms”, its a rule

But that’s not always the case

Ask any parent with kids in school

Tell me again about the risk that I’m taking

About how it’s different from the choices you’re making

Because I’ve learned

At the end of the day

That a house is not a home

Unless you feel safe.


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