One Happy Island (Aruba)

Bon día Wanderers! If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you already know that I recently traveled to Aruba (ok-so I’ve been home for over a month). While I generally prefer to do my wandering in colder climates, I enjoyed visiting Aruba very much.

Aruba is a desert, which makes it an adventure. It is also considered Dutch Caribbean so I also got to experience some Dutch culture. Everyone I encountered spoke English fluently however, in Aruba they primarily speak Papiamento and Dutch (so I did have a chance to practice my Dutch). The entire island is only about 20 miles. The south side of the islandis where the beaches and resorts are and the north side has mountains and desert.

I didn’t stay in the resort area. I actually stayed in an apartment near Oranjestad and the airport. It was a more residential area. It was a great experience and if I could do it all over again, I’d stay in the same place. I spent most of my time on the residential beach: Surfside Beach but I did take a bus to Palm Beach one day and I did have a good time. I also took a day tour on the north side of the island and saw several points of interest including: Aruba Aloe, Rock Formations, the Natural Bridge (the original collapsed in 2005 but there is a baby one still standing) and the California Lighthouse. I did not get to see the Natural Pool or Arikok National Park, which I really wanted to see. I wanted to climb the mountain but maybe next time. I have an intense fear of reptiles and while for the most part I could handle the lizards running around everywhere, I decided I could not handle the possibility of encountering bigger, scarier ones on a mountain. I really regret not facing that fear because I missed out on an amazing opportunity. I am trying not to beat myself up over it though. Next time I find myself in Aruba, I am for sure going to embrace that opportunity.

Aruba was absolutely one of the most fun places I have ever been and hands down, has the best food I have ever had. I would 100% go back if I had the chance.


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