Missing Alaska…

It’s so hard for me to grasp the idea that my Alaska trip was almost 9 months ago. I will be going again on 2019 but it seems too far away to justify looking forward to. My trip to Alaska changed me so much. Not just the actual 10 days I spent there, but the entire process of preparing to go as well. It was the first real thing in my life that I was able to say “You know what? I can do this and I am going to do this!”. 

Booking the trip taught me how to choose a goal and focus on it. I got to experience working hard to achieve a dream. For 10 months, I had to do research and save money and I could not slack off on that. That is something I can’t say I’d ever done because my brain doesn’t like commitment. I spent more time in nature than ever before. Leading up to the trip, I went hiking every single weekend. It gave me a new appreciation for the beauty all around me. I learned how to be vulnerable and let somebody into different parts of my life (I had a travel buddy for those 10 days. Yes, I knew her before hand and yes we are still close now). Most importantly, while I was there, I learned how to live in the moment and soak up every second of it.

I still carry all these things I learned with me but being honest, I am not very good at embracing them. Last year, I did a three part series on my Post-Alaska Depression (you can find it here, here and here) and it is still just as real now as it was then. I am assuming it probably won’t go away completely until I am in Alaska again and will come back when I return home. Alaska is now a giant part of who I am and it’s my favorite part of me.

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