life is blurry

I took this picture while I was watching the sunset in Aruba one evening.

I was sitting at a restaurant on the beach marveling at the beauty that is the country of Aruba. The sky looked beautiful and I wanted to snap a quick photo to remember it but no matter how many times I tried to take the picture, it came out blurry. I took the picture on my iPhone 8 plus, which normally takes excellent pictures so I am not sure why this time was different. Maybe it was the universe sending me this message:

No matter how many pictures you take or rules that you break, memories will fade.

One day, I won’t remember this moment as vividly as I do right now.

That doesn’t make it any less significant.

That doesn’t make this sunset any less beautiful.

That doesn’t make the thoughts I am having right now any less valid.

Some of the most important moments of my life are now a distant memory but that doesn’t change the impact they have made on my life. Just because you can’t see something clearly, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

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