thank you for your “basic” advice, but I’m good.

I’m confident that absolutely anyone with any sort of mental health struggle will agree with me when I say, If I didn’t ask you for advice, don’t give me advice.

Its infuriating, honestly. To have to listen to the same unsolicited “advice” all the time. For 11 years, I’ve put up with people telling me: “just love yourself”.

Pick up a new hobby. Have you tried yoga? Stop drinking coffee. Hold an ice cube. Take a couple Benadryl, you’ll fall asleep. You just need some good sex. Go to bed earlier. Drink lemon water. OH.MY.GOD.STOP.

Gee, I never thought about how cutting out my morning cup of coffee would fix my entire life! You should be a doctor! *eye roll*

Telling me to “take a couple Benadryl” when I’m manic is like telling someone with a broken arm to “drink more water”. It’s not gonna fix the problem. I don’t have a switch to turn my irrational thinking on and off. I can’t stop being depressed because someone says “Hey, stop being depressed”. If it actually worked like that, then the world be be a much happier place don’t you think?

See, the biggest problem with mental health issues, well MY mental health issues (not speaking for everyone) is coping. I’ve tried every coping mechanism to ever exist and I promise you’re not going to tell me anything I haven’t already tried, especially if you are just reading off a generic list you found on google (ya know, the “wake up earlier, go vegan, count backwards from 10” ). I have doctors. I have my little community of people with similar struggles to lean on. So, what I am really saying here is: If I don’t ask you for advice, don’t give me advice. And if you try to do it anyway, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t go over well.

Giving cheap, basic advice doesn’t show me that you care about me, it shows me you wanna give me a bandaid so I shut up.



*I really don’t want this to come off as me being an asshole, I just really want to address my frustrations (and a lot of other people’s frustrations).








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