Hi. I’m in…. Canada?! (Solo Wandering Chronicles)

Wasn’t I just in Dayton last weekend for blog stuff? Yes. Am I sitting on the floor at Toronto-Pearson waiting for my delayed flight to Charlotte right now? Still yes. Did my flight just get delayed again while I am typing this causing me to panic because I won’t make my flight from Charlotte to Indy now? Of course. Since that last sentence, did they cancel my flight, switch my flight to a different airline and make me go back through security and customs and all that wonderful stuff? Sure thing! 

But hi. I’m in Canada. The lovely city of Toronto to be more specific -well, if you want to get technical I’m in the airport but I swear I was in Toronto for the past two days. Two glorious Tim Hortons filled days. I came here for a purpose- come back Thursday to read that post- but I want to write about the fun, touristy things I did for now because I still have a lot of reflecting to do before I can finish that post. I’m just thrilled to have been able to escape the Indy 500 at home this weekend!

The three main things I got to while I was here were: Sunnyside Park, CN Tower and shopping downtown. I also ate a lot-seriously, a lot -I mean who can refuse a Nutella Cafe?! If you can, come here so I can punch you in the face. Apparently -or so I was told- I picked the busiest day of the year to go to the CN Tower. I believe it because I waited in line for two hours. I’m not afraid of heights though so it was a fun experience. Worth the two hour wait? Not sure. I was trying to do my best to stay present during this trip. It was pretty cool (but also pretty trippy) to stand on the glass roof and look down. 

The lakefront was beautiful and it made my heart so happy to see so many dogs playing in the water together. I had a good time shopping downtown but it was mostly just because I had to check out of my hotel at 11 and my original flight wasn’t until almost 6 (still salty but shoutout to Air Canada for fixing American Airlines’s shit).

Honestly, I’m a foodie so I have to post about the food. I love Tim Hortons and being from the US, I don’t get it very often. There was one for like 4 months where I live but they randomly, abruptly shut down and stabbed me in the heart. But because they are franchises, I decided to forgive them and go there like 6 times in two days. Probably not 6 but maybe like…5. I can feel your judgement. I’ll reflect on that over an Iced Capp. I also tried poutine for the first time. I tried the McDonald’s version because I apparently missed Poutine Fest this weekend. Why didn’t anyone tell me about that?! I am also so very in love with ketchup chips so I made sure to snag a few cans of ketchup Pringles at the airport. 

That was my Canada experience in a nutshell. There will be more Canada posts but since this one is already almost 8 hours overdue, I will end it here (very sorry by the way). As I said, please check back Thursday to learn about the real reason I came to Toronto this weekend.

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