I Did What With Goats?! (Goat Yoga Review)

There’s this “new” trend I’ve discovered called goat yoga. It is exactly what it sounds like: yoga. With goats. Don’t believe me? HERE. I always wanted to try it but I didn’t quite know where I could possibly find such an out-there kind of class where I live. Well, until I recently connected with someone who owns a goat yoga business. Sure, the class is quite far from where I live BUT, it was a chance to try goat yoga and a chance to support a new friend so I gave it a shot (also, most importantly, a chance to love on some really adorable goats).

Let me say, I hate yoga. I have tried multiple times to enjoy yoga but I just can’t. However, there is something magical about doing yoga with tiny goats running around that makes me want to do yoga everyday, well provided its goat yoga that is.

Basically goat yoga is yoga with goats running around during the class. It’s fantastic. Who wouldn’t want to spend Saturday morning loving on tiny goats? If you don’t, there is honestly something wrong with you. The best thing about goat yoga is that it can essentially be about whatever you want it to be about. For me, it was more about the goats than the yoga. For you it may be more about the yoga, or the outdoors. Just like most other things in life, you get out of it exactly what you put into it. For me, I put in a lot of effort loving on adorable baby goats and left feeling refreshed and comforted.

I think animals are an incredible form of therapy and I am a huge supporter of animal therapy. I consider my cats to be the most therapeutic aspect of my life, actually. Being with the goats put me in a very peaceful and calm state of mind and melted all of my current stresses away for the duration of the class. I wasn’t even worried about how painful some of the poses were because I was so focused on the adorableness of the goats. I left feeling incredibly happy and eager to attend another class.

Whether or not you identify as a yogi, goat yoga is an experience not to pass up.

The goat yoga class I attended was through Happy Goat Lucky Yoga in Noblesville, IN. The class is held outdoors with relaxing scenery, has a great instructor (which has helped me tolerate painful poses) and adorable, friendly goats. Here are some of their links if you happen to live in the Indianapolis area and you’d like to check them out!




  • I’ve heard great things about goat yoga! Sounds like a fantastic time. The hating yoga tidbit reasonates with me because man I ain’t flexible. However, add in goats and I’ll try it!

    • Yes the goats totally distract you from the yoga part haha

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