Girl Love, part ii

Do you ever fall down those YouTube rabbit holes where you start off watching a music video for your favorite song and the next thing you know you are watching a video of alpacas eating watermelon? Or is that just me? That can’t just be me. That’s always me. That was me earlier. Sometimes I just let my “recommended” play in the other tab while I work because I like background noise. Nine times out of ten, I don’t even bother to figure out what I’m listening to, I just need to hear people talk to help me focus (although that actually sounds extremely counterproductive. I don’t do well with silence). I was writing some other posts earlier though, and in the background there was a video playing that I decided to click on because I heard Sadie Robertson’s voice. If you don’t know who Sadie Robertson is, she’s an influential young adult best known for being on Duck Dynasty and Dancing With the Stars. She also has a YouTube channel, apparently. I’ve seen videos of Sadie speaking before and I love her confidence and passion for everything she talks about.

One of Sadie’s videos came on during my YouTube background noise marathon and it caught my attention and became more than background noise. The video was Sadie sitting down with her friend, Laney Redmon (I think the video was called Friendship Tag or something like that. Actually, I will link it here). Laney and Sadie talked about building a foundation for friendship. I happened to hear “when you give a compliment to somebody else, it makes you more beautiful because you are speaking life”. I paused. THIS. I learn more and more everyday how true this statement actually is.

On Sunday, I finally went shopping for my wedding dress and of course, I brought my friends. I have so much love for my friends and I know I say that all the time but I can’t stop. I love my friends so much. I reflected on this experience, remembering how positive of an experience it was. While I was trying on my potential dresses and while my friends were trying on bridesmaid dresses, my friends (some of whom barely know each other) were all so full of love and compliments for each other. There was no jealousy, there was no hate. All love and support.

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about Girl Love. This is basically Girl Love, part 2. When you lift other people up, you lift yourself up automatically. Similarly, when you put others down, you put yourself down by default. I’ve made it my mission to make sure my friends always feel like they are loved and supported because I’ve been on the opposite side of that-both dishing out and receiving. I struggled with jealousy for so much of my life and it got me nowhere but when I let that go, when I starting giving love, I got love back in return. I even have a tattoo that says “you give love, you get love” and I try to live by that. When I started letting others know they were beautiful, I started to feel beautiful. The world has too much hate, especially between people who claim to love each other. Let’s get a handle on that, yeah?


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