I Got Bit By a Dangerous Bug, again…

This week I got bit by a dangerous bug again… well… the travel bug. Okay, okay… that was probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written but hey, I got you to click on this post, right? Also, I promise to stop click-baiting you… eventually.

Obviously, I love to travel and this past week, the desire to travel has been strong. Strong enough for me to take a second (well, third I guess) job to put back money for a couple epic trips I am planning for 2019. I usually try to travel as much as possible, regardless of where its at (I usually just want to GO) but right now, I am actually going to buckle down for once and focus on a couple specific goals. I have a couple little trips just across state lines coming up this fall,  and of course, my honeymoon (incase you didn’t know, I’m getting married in December!).

Seeing the world has always been a priority for me but I’ve never actually been outside of North America, so naturally that’s my next goal. Don’t get me wrong, North America is beautiful! I mean, look at some of these pictures!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Natural Bridge, Aruba

Toronto, Canada

Denali National Park, Alaska

So here’s to hard work as ya girl works her lil booty off to get to Southeast Asia next year!


  • Ha! You got me with that click-bait. I’m excited for you. Where all have you traveled before (besides Alaska)?
    I know from Brooke that you’re a great travel planner.

    • Lots of Canada, lots of states, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Aruba.

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