“Hello.” It’s 2019 and I’m Here For It!

Hello and welcome to my cheesy New Year’s Post! (Yes-I am aware its been 2019 for 11 days now.)

As much as I make fun of people who use the New Year to set goals and reinvent parts of their life (I am a firm believer that you can do that any day), I do it too. On New Year’s Day, my mom asked me what my focus word for 2019 was going to be because she just now got on board and heard about that. I brushed it off but I started thinking that maybe I could pick one too. I know people typically will pick an adjective such as “calm” or “carefree” but I simply picked: “hello”.

I picked “hello” because right off the bat, I knew there would be changes to my life. I got married at the end of 2018, I also quit one of my jobs at the end of 2018. I knew there would be new people in my life and new opportunities right away and I wanted to be able to greet them with a friendly “hello”, rather than hiding from them.

Every year, I set goals for myself knowing in the back of my mind that they aren’t attainable. (Can anyone relate? Please comment if you can so I feel better hahah.) This year is probably no exception. I have an extremely ambitious bucket list of places I want to visit but unless I win the lottery, there’s no way I will make it to all of them. Year after year, I am blown away by how much can happen in a year- 2018 especially. My main goal is just to go along for the ride- and enjoy it.

So, hello 2019. It’s nice to meet you.

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  • Hello. I like that! It’s welcoming and full of possibilities!

    The word impossible spells I’M possible! Everything is impossible til someone does it!

    Glad you are saying hello to your focus of hello!!!!

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