Kauai, Hawaii.

Approximately a month ago, I spent a week on the beautiful island that is Kauai. Here is an overview of some of my favorite and least favorite experiences from this trip.

Kauai Coffee.

Kauai Coffee was a coffee lovers dream come true, let me tell you. Kauai Coffee, located on the southwest side of Kauai, is the largest coffee grower in the United States. They offer tours of the orchard, (is that what it’s called? A coffee orchard?) or you can do a self-guided walk-through. Once we completed our fascinating walk through the orchard (and I truly mean I was fascinated by the process of getting coffee from a plant to a cup), we..well, I (my husband hates coffee) was able to taste a wide variety of coffee flavors and brews and even had the option to purchase full sized coffee drinks. Visiting Kauai Coffee was one of the highlights of my visit to Kauai and even my coffee-hating husband enjoyed our visit.

Waimea Canyon.

You can’t visit Kauai without visiting Waimea Canyon aka the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Waimea Canyon is located on the Western side of the island and made for a scenic day trip.

Botanical Gardens.

While the botanical gardens were beautiful, the three hour tour was..well, to put it nicely, not the highlight of my trip. It was falsely advertised as a chocolate tour. There was chocolate-just 95% cacao, dirt tasting chocolate chips about halfway through the tour. I’m not going to state the name of the place because I’m not trying to make enemies, but book “chocolate tours” with caution. The gardens were very beautiful though and the guide was very informative about all the different plants growing. I’m sure it’s a lovely tour if you are into that sort of thing. My husband loved it.

Kauai Food.

Oh man. My husband and I are definitely both foodies and Kauai did not disappoint.

Here is a list of some of our favorite places we ate:

Imua Coffee Roasters

Olympic Cafe

Korean BBQ Restaurant

Island Taco

Bubba Burgers

Chicken in a Barrel 

I hope this post is helpful if you are planning on visiting Kauai in the near future. Of course we had plenty of beach days also, but we primarily stayed at our resort beach. I definitely recommend visiting Kauai. 

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