I Still Buy Disposable Cameras in 2019.

I live in 1995 still and the title says it all. Okay- I don’t exclusively shoot on disposable. That would be incredibly difficult this day in age. But I love to do film photography and I would like to start incorporating more of it into my content.

Why do I still shoot film in 2019 when technology is so advanced and most film quality looks horrible compared to digital? Besides the fact that I love the vintage-y look that I get from disposable cameras, 35mm film and polaroid cameras, sometimes I enjoy just snapping a photo and moving on. I don’t particularly enjoy editing photos and I am guilty of getting caught up in trying to take the perfect photo to the point where I miss out on the moment. Yes, I know. You only get so many pictures, 27 to be exact. They are expensive ($10 camera, $10 film developing). You can’t just delete the ones you mess up. In a world filled with what sometimes feels like nothing but immediate gratification, it can be refreshing to spend a few days in suspense while I wait to see what my pictures look like. The pictures reflect what I was genuinely seeing and feeling in the moment they were captured. THAT is why I love film still.

Here are some of my disposables from my recent trip to Kauai:

These were shot on just a basic Fujifim Quick Snap Waterproof disposable camera that I picked up at the drugstore. They were developed by The Darkroom. The Darkroom sent me physical copies as well as stored digital copies online for me.

If you would like to see more of my film photography, follow my new film account on Instagram @PrincessOfPolaroid.

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  • Very cool. I am glad you do this old school stuff. Imagine a time when we couldn’t edit. I have some good pics of your wedding. I will have to download to walgreens and get some prints sent up there. How’s married life treating you?

    • yes! I would love to see them! married life is good.

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