Cleaning Up My Life

Hello. It has definitely been a good minute since I posted something depression/BPD/bipolar related. Overall, I’ve been doing well. The best I’ve been in quite a while, actually. Married life is good. The cats are good. I quit my side job. My main job is good. Life is good.

I had a really interesting therapy session last week and I thought it would be a great topic for a post, or potentially even a series. As I was telling my therapist what I’ve been up to the past couple weeks since I’d seen her, she said that it sounded like I was “cleaning up my life”. Honestly, that’s exactly what I have been doing.

What I mean by “cleaning up my life” is cleaning up minor things in my life that impact me daily when they really don’t have to. I’ve been working on cleaning up some relationships. For example, the way I treated my best friend in high school still bothers me. We’re still acquaintances and occasionally we will have a really good talk. I reached out to her last week and now I have feel a lot more at peace with that situation. I also reached out to another friend I’ve been going through a rough patch with.

I’ve also been cleaning up my house, planning to make a home office so I can stop doing hours upon hours of work from my bed. I’m also cleaning up my content so I can get my brand more in line with my vision. I’ve been going to the gym and eating healthier so I can clean up my appearance a bit because to be completely (and slightly painfully and embarrassingly) honest, I have been struggling in that category for a while.

So.. cleaning up my life. It seems like a big project and to be honest, it is. I’m a very impatient person. I want everything to be fixed right now. But baby steps. I definitely feel more like myself these days and I’ve been happy.

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  • I loved hearing this. Sounds like you are exhaling and taking charge of what matters most to you and that is fucking great!
    When I was younger, ‘they’ (whoever tf ‘they’ are) used to say ‘get your house in order and everything else will be so much easier’ – then I got the same message from feng shui books and the like.
    Life becomes less cluttered, less fretful etc. Anyway, so happy you are happy, afterall you have so much to be grateful for!
    Which…… leads me to have you been listening to the Grateful Dead yet? Your musical card? or just download the album American Beauty…. I think you would might appreciate the guitar playing and in the interim enjoy the songs. Kinda folky bluesy, cowboy jamband stuff. I know y’alls generation is into the hip hop, rap beat stuff, but give the Dead a listen. They are uplifting and this music needs to be kept alive. The only way for me to do that is to pass it on to the young ones…. and Phoebe, well you are a young one of our clan. So, please give a listen. Jessica digs them. Carly digs them (some) and I finally got Uncle Mike to see them live at Lockn’ Festival last summer
    Anyway, love you. Keep smilin’…. peace and love and groovy shit. Auntie Sandy

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