Solo Wandering: Casey, Illinois.

After the “polar vortex” in the Midwest a couple weeks ago, I was feeling a little crazy. Over that weekend, it was 50 degrees. That’s like, a 90 degree difference in a few days what the heck, Indiana?!). I decided on Sunday that I absolutely had to get out of the house. I didn’t just want to. I had to. I hopped in my car and just drove west on I-70. I decided I would stop when I found somewhere to explore. A little over an hour later, I found myself in Casey, IL staring at the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Random right? 

When most people say they need to “get out of the house”, they go to the store. Not to another state. But I’m not most people. Clearly.

Casey, Illinois is known for “big things in a small town”. It is home to 8 of the worlds largest objects including : Wind Chimes, Rocking Chair, Mailbox, Golf Tee, Knitting Needles and Pitchfork. Casey is also home to several objects that may not be the World’s Largest, but are still pretty impressive such as: Pencil, Ruler and Bird Cage. These items are scattered around the small town and make for an entertaining walk through town, as well as some fun pictures.

Casey is a small town, like one stop light small, but it’s a cool place to check out if you are on 70 between St. Louis and Indianapolis. I was there on a Sunday, so many of the shops were closed, but I did get to go in a cute candy shop, Casey’s Candy Depot and Dollars n Sense, where I bought a postcard to mail myself from the World’s Largest Mailbox (big thank you to the man who gave me that idea). When I received it, it had a really neat stamp on it that says it was mailed from the World’s Largest Mailbox. If you are like me and you like just exploring random, cool little places, stop in Casey sometime, whether you are headed that was on I-70 or you are located somewhat close. There are big things to be seen in this small town, literally.

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