5 Of the Dumbest Purchases I’ve Made in My 20’s

I’ve seen this topic going around on YouTube and I have been watching all of them. Since I am not fancy enough to be a YouTuber, I thought I would write the blog post version. So here are the 5 dumbest purchases/financial mistakes I have made in my 20’s so far.

My Makeup Collection. I still have a large makeup collection, but it used to be like 5x the size. Having a lot of makeup would be justifiable- if I wore makeup everyday. I like wearing makeup. When I can get drag myself out of bed in enough time to put makeup on, I do. I feel better when I wear it. But the reality is, I just don’t wear it everyday and when I do, I wear the same look, using the same products. I still have probably 10 palettes and I do have a giant makeup bag and I am content with that. It is a lot, but not overwhelming. At one point, I owned a few thousand dollars worth of makeup. I sold the majority of it on Poshmark for a few hundred dollars. Now, I don’t buy anything unless I am completely out of it.

Celebrity Meet and Greets. Sometimes if you want to meet someone famous you look up to, there’s not going to be many opportunities outside of a meet and greet to do that. That isn’t the part that I think is dumb. I do, however think it’s dumb to pay for meet and greets and not go to them. It’s also dumb to spend hundreds of dollars over and over again to meet the same person.

My Apartment. It wasn’t the actual apartment that was the dumb financial decision. When you need a place to live, you kind of have to spend money. That’s how life works. It was incredibly dumb though, to invest a ton of money into decorating a place only to live there for 6 months. It’s also dumb to keep paying for the apartment after you move out (although, I didn’t have a choice in this situation).

My Associate’s Degree. Whether or not you think I wasted my money on college, in my eyes I did. I wasted a lot of money failing classes (I was so dumb in college) because I didn’t want to be there. I’m still paying off debt from this and if I hadn’t given in to the pressure I felt to continue my education, I would definitely be much better off. I’m not saying college is a mistake (no need to come for me), but for me it was, at least at that point in my life because I was taking (and failing) endless classes.

Paying for/ buying things for people when I didn’t have to. I made this mistake a lot more when I was 18/19, but I still make it all the time. I have spent so much money paying for my friends when I want to do something and they don’t have the money and that’s pretty dumb. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying food/coffee/concert tickets/etc. for people who never paid me back (and most of the time I didn’t ask them to). Sometimes -yeah- it’s nice to be nice, but its not necessary to do all the time.

I’m clearly not done making mistakes and dumb purchases and I’ve made way more than that, but those are my 5 biggest ones, I think. Don’t be like me.

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