I just started reading This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Phillips. I’m not even halfway through (give me a break, I just got the book yesterday) and I have already stored away several nuggets of wisdom.

One of the very first things that stuck with me was when she said its weird that fomo is a thing people say now. She has some deeper rooted fomo and honestly, same girl.

FOMO = Fear of missing out (get with the times, granny. jk. Urban Dictionary is my best friend).

People often talk about fomo when it comes to partying or hanging out with friends and its become quite trendy. But much like Busy, I do have some deeper rooted fomo. I have a hard time feeling what I like to call “social fomo” because I spent so much of my life being isolated that feeling left out eventually stopped bothering me. I have fear of missing out on the expectations I set for myself such as traveling the world. My biggest fear is that I’ll die before I get to travel to places like India, Taiwan, Iceland… I don’t really have fear of missing social activities though. Should I? Probably. It’s probably not healthy to dread socializing as much as I do sometimes. I absolutely love being by myself. Traveling by myself is my favorite because I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to be annoyed when someone else is “too tired” or “uninterested”. Usually, if I want to do something badly enough, I just do it. Which, is in fact fomo, just not the kind you’re used to hearing about. Literally if you google the meaning, it will say something about social media.

Reading Busy’s thoughts about this really got me thinking about my own. Another one of my favorite books How to Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh, also addresses fomo. Lilly talks about all the situations her brain made up one night when she needed to get rest and work instead of hanging out with friends. Months later when Lilly was staring at her face plastered all over Times Square, none of what she missed out on (or thought she missed out on) mattered.

I’m getting much better at not immediately buying a concert ticket or booking a cheap two day trip to somewhere just because I’m afraid my life isn’t exciting enough. Instead, I’m working on building a life that will allow me to experience bigger and better things because I know that one day when I’m boarding my flight to Taiwan for an epic adventure, I will absolutely not be thinking about that State Champs concert I “kind of” wanted to go to.

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  • Nice. My FOMO question is…. what actually happened between her and James Franco? I served him lunch and lattes two days in a row at my coffee shop without realizing who he was…. we talked ALOT about him breaking up with his then girlfriend…. It wasn’t until days late that someone told me he liked my shop and talking with me!!!! Crazy. eh?

    • That’s crazy!

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