5 of the Best Purchases I’ve Made in My 20’s

A little over a month ago, I did a post about 5 of the Dumbest Purchases I’ve Made in My 20’s so I thought I would write its counterpart – 5 of the Best Purchases I’ve Made in my 20’s.

My Cats. Ok. So I am hesitant to call this a “purchase” because my cats are my children and they live in my house the same way I do. But they are kind of a big investment. After all, I have four. Yes. FOUR. You read that correctly. They are my biggest source of joy. Coming home to them running up to me and rubbing against my legs (I know they just want food but let me have it) is my favorite part of my day. I love them so much and I honestly don’t understand how people live their lives without a furry companion.

My trip to Alaska. Ok, embarrassing truth: this was almost two years ago and I still have a maxed credit card from it. But I don’t care because this was by far the most meaningful experience I’ve had to date. Travel is never, ever a waste of money (well, except that one time I went to Louisiana but we don’t need to talk about that hahah), at least not to me. I’d rather travel now while I can than wait til I’m 70, assuming I even live that long.

Therapy. Need I say more? I calculated it and I spent roughly $3000 out of pocket, after insurance on mental health sh*t last year. But it was worth every penny and continues to be.

This website. Yes. I pay to own this URL (thats how the internet works, in case this is news to you) and I have zero regrets because this blog is my baby and the light of my life. Also, it’s really not that expensive.

Tattoos. You might like them. You might not. If you don’t, chances are you’ll tell me because people who don’t like tattoos are usually pretty vocal (and rude) about it. Like, I get it. You wouldn’t do that to your body. But the good news is: IT’S MINE! Not yours. They make me, me. They make me love my body when I can’t find anything to love about it. And they weren’t cheap.

Those are 5 of my best purchases I’ve made in my 20’s. Of course there are so many other great things I’ve purchase/ invest money in but these are ones that truly contribute most positively to my life.

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