Feeling Burnt Out On Life? Read This.

Hi. Hello. My name is Phoebe and I love to talk about how much my life sucks. But the truth is, it doesn’t suck. I just think it does sometimes because I’ve been so burnt out for so long. Whether you are reading this because you feel burnt out from your job or your daily routine, whatever it may be, here are a few things that have really, really helped me the past few weeks to lift myself back up and start getting out of this rut.

1. Trying an Old Passion Again.

I used to write and perform a lot of music but over the past several years, I stopped (explanation here). Part of the reason I felt so creatively burnt out all the time is because my creative energy wasn’t going toward what I 100% wanted it to and it caused me to get frustrated when what I was doing wasn’t satisfying enough. I’ve been picking up my guitar a lot more, to the point where I’m losing sleep because I just can’t stop creating. It’s sparked a lot of new inspiration within me that has poured over into other aspects of my life. For example, my blog posts have a lot more substance to them because i am effectively expressing myself lately.

2. Add Something Different to Your Routine.

If you’re like me and you read this you’re probably like “bitch where? I don’t have extra time”. That might just be the problem. I’ve recently added working out to my daily routine and it’s actually helped so much. I have something new and different to look forward to everyday and yes, you read that correctly. I look forward to working out. Sure, I have a little less time to spend doing other stuff but when you are stuck in a rut, you can’t go wrong with shaking things up a little bit.

3. Talk to Some Different People.

Maybe you need to talk less to someone who you know deep down drags you down. Or maybe you need to talk more to someone who always has something interesting to say. I’m guilting of having an attitude of “I don’t f*ck with other people. All I need is me right now” but I’ve been branching out and talking about life and ideas with a few people I normally don’t converse with often.

4. Maybe You Sleep Too Much

I’m hesitant to give advice on this since I do struggle with experiencing mania but if you sleep more than 8-9 hours at night on average, that might be a contributing factor. Sleeping too much can actually have a lot of negative effects on your body and can make you feel tired and unproductive during your awake hours.

5. Upgrade Your Style.

Yes. I mean your fashion style. Personally, if I’m not in work clothes, I’m in pajamas but I’ve been making a little more effort lately when it comes to my appearance. I know it seems superficial, but looking better really helps me to feel better and more out together and I know I can’t be the only one. I’ve updated my wardrobe a bit and my confidence has updated with it.

Those are a few of my tips for handling feeling burnt out on life. I hope one or two or all of them will help you also, or at least inspire you to change up something in your life. What do you do when you feel burnt out?

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  • I am so glad you are creating again. I am also trying to be creative with my gardening abilities and learning the ukelele and I smile everytime I make it thru a song. So jelly you know your way around a guitar! Have you listened to any Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead lately? Some wonderful guitar songs. Especially Ripple.

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