Things to Know: Tourist in Toronto

Toronto is my favorite city. It is so beautiful and diverse and there is always something to do. With that being said, if you are planning a trip to this wonderful city, here are a few little pieces of advice I have for you.

Toronto Island(s)

Toronto Island is gorgeous and so much fun. But everything closes super early (like, 8pm) so if you want to eat or drink, I highly recommend packing your own stuff. There aren’t many places to choose from anyway. This is kind of surprising to me given that it is a very popular tourist destination. Other than that, it only costs like $8 for a round trip ferry ride and you can easily spend an entire day here. Just don’t plan on having a late dinner or getting a snack or drink after like 8pm.

Art Gallery of Ontario

I highly recommend checking out the Art Gallery of Ontario and if you are aged 25 or under, you get in for free! I had no idea until I got there. Also, if you have a backpack, they make you hold it/wear it on your front so maybe don’t bring a backpack.


I’m not a huge souvenir person (budget travel is always the goal, plus every souvenir shop sells the same crap at slightly different prices and they all look the same and I have much better ways to spend my time), but if you are, I highly recommend you buy them in Chinatown. I went into a random Canadian gift shop in Eaton Centre (it was raining hard, I was killing time) and two days later when I was in Chinatown, I saw basically everything from that shop at a fraction of the price. Plus, Chinatown is cool af on its own and worth a visit anyway.

CN Tower

The view from the CN Tower is incredible, but it is kind of expensive to visit ($38-53) so make sure you visit on a nice day, when the view is the best. Even a few clouds can totally ruin the view. Also, don’t go on free Skypod day. I understand why you would want to visit, because it saves money, but I made that mistake last year and I waited in line for over 3 hours and still never got to the Skypod level.

These are just a few of my experiences I wanted to share to ensure that you have the best time in this amazing city. Toronto is truly one of a kind, being so incredibly welcoming and diverse. Enjoy your visit!


  • Thank you for the incredibly useful tips! I had no idea that the Art Gallery of Ontario had free admission for those 25 and under. This post is filled with useful tips!

    • Thank you for taking time to read my post! AGO is awesome if you get a chance to go!

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