Drinking Wine in Michigan

A couple weeks ago, I went on a day (& overnight) getaway with my husband to St. Joseph, Michigan. We didn’t really have anything specific planned; just getting away for a day and night. Of course, me being me, I wanted to do one thing: drink wine.

I fancy myself a bit of a wine enthusiast and I knew there would be several tasting rooms where we were going. We visited three, all in town and here are my mini reviews.

White Pine Winery Tasting Room:

The first one we went to was the White Pine Winery tasting room. It was $8 for 6 tastings. We picked a “flight” such as “sweet” or “dry” or “the reds” or “the whites”. I believe my husband picked the one called “Sweethearts”, which was obviously sweet and I picked “The Whites”, all white wines going from dry gradually getting sweeter. We left White Pine with a bottle of Pinot Grigio (I’m a dry wine kinda gal). We arrived shortly after they opened so we were the only ones at the tasting. The lady who did the tasting was friendly and made great recommendations. They also had some very cute wine decor in their shop. Overall, I enjoyed my visit.

Lazy Ballerina Winery:

We agreed that the Lazy Ballerina Winery was our favorite. Although the room itself was not as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as the first (in my opinion of course), I didn’t taste a single wine I didn’t love. We did the basic wine tasting, which was $9 and they let you keep the wine glass as a souvenir. You also get a piece of chocolate. I was more impressed by keeping the wine glass than the chocolate though. The Lazy Ballerina had multiple tasting options. The one we did was 5 samples and we were able to choose them individually off of the menu. My favorite was the Pink Tutu and of course we left with a bottle of it and I believe one more. I was also a fan of the Apple Cherry Cider.

Baroda Founders Tasting Room:

The Baroda Founders Tasting Room was the last tasting room we visited. This was our least favorite. The lady who did our tasting was wonderful. She was friendly and helpful. The wines were not as tasty, however they did have a nice variety of fruit wines, including a Green Apple wine that we did leave with a bottle of. I love dry wines (and often get made fun of for it. Thanks babe.) but there was one that was even too dry for me and I actually could not even finish a 1 oz sample of it.

After our wine tastings, we went to Silver Beach for a while and went for a walk. It was quite lovely to just get away and be together. Although we are married and are obviously together all the time and don’t have human children (just furry children), it was still a much needed “break” to get away, be together and be present. It is extremely important to me to always live a life full of adventure. I am thankful to have a life partner who is determined to help me do that.

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