too “something”.

I’ve been told I am too “broken” to encourage others to heal.

That if I want to set a “good” example for others, I need to be perfect.

Essentially, that I’m not “loved” enough to embody somebody who is loved.

If I were to teach about “perfection”, I, myself, need to be perfect.

And “human” is not a legitimate excuse.

I hate the word “perfection”.

“Nobody is perfect”.

Yet, “perfection” is the only expectation they seem to have.

“Perfection” doesn’t even exist until they set an expectation for me.

“everybody makes mistakes” but when I do, it isn’t a “mistake”; it is merely a choice to disobey and I don’t deserve a second chance.

And that’s how I ended up here.

I am always too “something” to deserve to pursue my passions.

And from all of my experience being me, I am also too “something” to simply stop pursing them.

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