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I have been struggling with what to post because much of the internal work I’ve been doing is stuff I am not quite ready to publish yet. I am also working on 2 -yes TWO- side projects, which you will hear more about this fall, one of which I think will eventually become my main project, even above WTA… I have a little bit of travel content from this summer that I still need to post but I like to carefully publish a variety of posts. I don’t want to post 3 travel posts in a row then only do mental health updates for two months. I like to mix it up. Keep you guessing. Hahah.

But today I thought I would share a casual little update about things I have been learning about myself and how I have been taking care of myself much better than I have been.

I’ve recently taken up walking. I walk for a minimum of one hour everyday most days, usually the same trail. It’s not that I am opposed to changing up my route, its just that everyday when I am on my walk, I brainstorm ideas for one of my other projects and everyday I become more and more inspired and creative when it comes to these ideas. Not only are my walks good for fresh air and exercise, but they are now my favorite part of my day. I rarely miss a day and when I do miss a day, I get really bummed out about it. I know that soon enough, when I leave work it will already be dark out and I will have to resort to walking on a track every night, but I am trying to enjoy the daylight while I still can.

I’ve stopped talking just for the sake of talking. I am not usually a social or extroverted person unless I absolutely need to be, but when it comes to people I know well/ see everyday, sometimes I can’t get myself to shut up even if I am not saying anything of value. I’m a writer so obviously I like to share ideas and I like when people listen to me, but I’m making more of an effort to speak with a purpose rather than just to hear the sound of my own voice. I’ve noticed that I am able to collect my thoughts and express myself much better than I could before. Don’t have to be the life of the party all the time.

I write when I feel like it and I don’t write when I don’t. I used to feel like I had to spend X amount of hours a day writing or else it was wasted time. I don’t feel that way anymore. When I started this blog, I posted 3x a week. Then I moved to twice. Now I only post whenever I feel like it (although as my own personal but not guaranteed goal, I try to post at least once a week. Sometimes it works). I sometimes write for other publications and I used to set unrealistic goals for that as well. Now, I much prefer to spend that time and energy creating things that I can feel proud to put my name on. I once again enjoy writing the same way I did in the beginning. Much like speaking with a purpose, I write with a purpose.

I know these aren’t profound revelations about life and healing but I do think they are worth mentioning. If you have anything that has helped you, please feel free to share with me.


  • Glad to hear you are enjoying the creative side to going for a walk. Life isn’t a competition, and even if it was who’s keeping score? As I’ve said so many times to all of my nieces at one time or another – you are smart and beautiful, there is no stopping what you set your mind to.

    • its amazing what a little fresh air can do for the brain.

  • I honestly feel like I struggle with the same thing when it comes to talking for talkings sake. Sometimes for me it’s less about hearing my own voice as wishing to spark better conversations with the people I care about who I assume aren’t as engaged as I am. I’m glad you’re out walking more <3 will continue to read and support you from afar

    • I definitely agree with wanting to spark better conversations. I wish more people were down to talk about ideas instead of gossip.

  • I really like the idea of taking an hour or so out of your day to just be outside humans have time to think. I feel like that is such a simple activity that many, myself included, take for granted and could benefit from. I live near so many beautiful parks, so I am going to have to join you (in spirit) on these lovely walks. I know my mental health could definitely use the fresh air and clarity.

    My situation is a bit different than yours. I am a very social person, and I most definitely talk too much, but with my move and me being in a new city, I have mostly been struggling with the lonliness. I’ve found that just simple small talk with strangers in passing has helped me tremendously. Random chatter with strangers has always been highly uncomfortable for me in the past, but I’m quickly finding that this is bringing me a lot of calmness to my restlessness.

    • Self care is all about what works for YOU, what puts you in the best state of mind. What works for me is not a cure for all. I hope you are learning to love your new city and I look forward to hearing about your journey!

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