chapter three…

“Two years ago, I sat in Starbucks editing photos that I took on a glacier- a top bucket list item for me. As I was coming down from this life high, I had an overwhelming sense of “now what?” How do I do more stuff like this? How do I get back here? How do I do stuff even cooler than this?

So I started a blog.

Today that blog turned two years old. It’s been my best friend and my worst enemy. It’s been a roller coaster but ultimately, it’s my baby. I couldn’t picture my life without it anymore.

It’s created opportunities for me I would not have had otherwise. It’s helped me meet friends and most importantly, taught me to love myself and my life.

So Happy Birthday, Wander the Arctic. Let’s do more cool sh*t in your 3rd year.”

Here is to what I would like to call “Chapter 3.” Here is to traveling the world (and doing a much better job documenting it), being present (including not waiting 2 months to write about something going on) and above all else… enjoying blog life.

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