Québec City (Part 1)

I know it has been a few weeks since I actually went on this trip, but better late than never, right? This post will be in multiple parts. I was originally planning on doing daily posts while I was there, but that ended up not happening.

A few weeks ago, I arrived in Montréal (with my family for a change) and we made the roughly two and a half hour drive to Québec City. If you are wondering why we didn’t just fly into Québec City, it is actually much cheaper to fly into Montréal. We started the day very early, departing from Indianapolis. We had a short layover in Detroit and then arrived in Montréal around 11 am.

The first day we arrived, we didn’t do much. I was actually feeling pretty sick. We drove around town a little bit and went to a grocery store but ultimately called it a day very early. I was worried, hoping I would feel better immediately. Spoiler alert: I didn’t. But it didn’t prevent me from having a good time.

The second day was much more exciting. We explored Old Québec City all day long. Immediately, driving into the city, we were greeted by some sort of fort that no matter how much research I do, I cannot find the name of. Like the other tourists, we spent quite a while exploring and climbing around there. We went into many of the shops including bookstores, souvenir stores (my least favorite places hahah), cafes, etc. We stopped for lunch at L’Entrecôte St. Jean. I didn’t have high hopes that I would like my meal. A piece of steak with some kind of mysterious sauce is definitely not my typical lunch. But I was pleasantly surprised. I had the entrecôte express which came with fries and it was actually quite good. The sauce was reminiscent of a very, very light dijon mustard.

After exploring more shops, we stopped at La Maison Smith, a cafe. We had lattes and macarons (my favorite thing in the world). We made our way to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (a big hotel) and explored inside and outside. It was absolutely gorgeous. We also met local artists and looked at paintings along the way.

We wrapped up the evening with dinner at Pizzeria D’youville and running into Festival de cinéma de la Ville de Québec (the Quebec Film Festival), where we caught some of Titanic (en Français, of course).

The first real day caused me to fall completely in love with the city and I cannot wait to continue sharing my memories from this trip.

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