hello and welcome to Wander the Arctic.

my name is Phoebe and in a nutshell, i’m a mid-20 something who feels extremely trapped by today’s idea of success. i started blogging, basically as an excuse to do cool stuff (not that you ever really need an excuse to do cool stuff) and i fell head over heels in love with it. during the summer of 2017, i accomplished both of the things at the very top of my bucket list and was desperately trying to find something else fulfilling to do. that’s when I had the spontaneous, yet brilliant idea of: “i’m gonna buy a website!”

i have many goals for my life but if i had to narrow them down and pick just two they would be: de-stigmatize mental illness and travel the world. so here i am, carefully crafting a way to combine the two.

thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog. in addition to this blog, you can follow wander the arctic on instagram and facebook. i sometimes write places other than this website and some of those articles can be found via my personal instagram (which you are also welcome to follow). i would love to write with or for you sometime!

want to work together? contact me: wanderthearctic@gmail.com