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Moving Mountains.

I don’t understand why people make analogies about moving mountains.

It is physically impossible to move a mountain.

You can climb a mountain. Some mountains are easier to climb than others. Some mountains have steps guiding you all the way up. Some mountains take more skill and determination than others. Some take months, even years of training to prepare for.

Some mountains you can climb in a day. Some mountains take a little longer. Either way, you climbed a mountain. Some mountains you climb more than once.

You cannot move a mountain. But what you can do is stand at the top of a mountain and tell the world “Here I am! At the top!”


I never understood the concept of “home”

See- I feel the same where I rest my head as I do where I roam

I beg people to stay but once they do I leave

I don’t feel safe unless I have the choice to flee

I refuse to drop seeds

To let them get to know me

I grew up feeling like a stranger in what was supposed to be my home

An alien- surrounded by those telling me I wasn’t alone

I refused to unpack, believing every space I occupied was temporary

Careful not to provide comfort to the burdens I carry.

Inflicting misery upon everyone in my path

Just to make myself okay

But if they try to stand their ground

I quickly push them away

See home isn’t a tangible object, let alone a place

Home is a feeling I cling to for comfort from pain.

wander the arctic

I compare my mind to the arctic

A forbidden space

Cold, dark, isolated

Questioned by many

Embraced by few

Criticized by most

But praised for its beauty by those brave enough to enter

Always a risk, never a guarantee

What you see is not always what you get

Easy to become lost

No amount of comfort can ever make you feel safe

But if you haven’t yet turned around to run away

I invite you to wander with me.

My response to anyone who tells me I shouldn’t go somewhere because its “not safe”…

You said where I’m going isn’t safe

A land of violent crimes and hate

But what you fail to understand is that you can relate

How can you worry about me going overseas

When down the street

There is a school teacher begging:


“Don’t hurt them”

“They have so much life left”

“Just shoot me”

Girls much too young are forced to grow up

Too quick to judge, you label them “slut”

It’s hard to believe they aren’t the ones to blame

When those types of teachings-

You chose to take away

“Snap out of it”

“You’re too young to be sad”

“This is the land of the free, your life can’t be that bad”

You can’t say that our home isn’t scary

When I tremble in fear every time I see someone open carry

“They’re protecting you” -you say

“It’s their right to bear arms”, its a rule

But that’s not always the case

Ask any parent with kids in school

Tell me again about the risk that I’m taking

About how it’s different from the choices you’re making

Because I’ve learned

At the end of the day

That a house is not a home

Unless you feel safe.