some art.

“I’ve always infatuated with dandelions. I would pick them and give them to everyone but to my young and naive defeat, nobody wanted them. I never understood why. I would bring them in the house, my mother would throw them away. I pondered why people would spend $20 on roses when there were free flowers in their backyard.

Then I learned that dandelions were weeds. Nobody wanted to give them the chance to be beautiful.” -p.godfrey 4.6.18



  1. I love this! Actually, I told my husband a few weeks ago while we were out for a walk that I relate to a dandelion (among roses). His reply was “Well, I like dandelions”. 🙂

    • Aw I love that! Dandelions are only weeds because we’ve been told they are weeds. I love his support for you!

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