“Lol that was wild” The Story of 2018.

WOAH. Wasn’t it like a week ago I posted The Story of 2017? How is 2018 over?!

I was trying to think of the best way I could describe the beautiful mess that 2018 was and all I could think was “Lol that was wild”.

Well… Here we go. 

I don’t even remember January, to be honest. Almost everything I had originally planned for 2018 changed -and I’m okay with that. 2018 was going to be a year of organization and following dreams. It was a year of one of those things. Not organization though.

February .. where do I start? I spent a week on the glorious island of Aruba. Aruba is probably the prettiest island I’ve ever been to and I had a blast doing everything from visiting an Aloe farm to sitting in the sand with a Mango Daiquiri. Oh, and did I mention the part where my boyfriend (now husband) proposed to me on the beach one night after a romantic dinner? It was a fairytale proposal, let me tell you. I definitely did not go into 2018 knowing I’d be married by the end of it.

In March, I started hardcore wedding planning since we planned to get married in December. I hosted a lovely little wine-and-cheese-type-of-thing engagement party. We also toured venues, picked wedding colors and dove head first into the process.

Man, oh man I am dreading writing about April. You may recall my lovely little “I Checked Myself Into a Hospital” post. I’m pretty sure I actually deleted it a while back. It was a post being 100% transparent with my readers about what was going on with me and why I was so absent and all over the place. I experienced my first manic episode and ended up checking myself into a mental health crisis center. From there, I did 7 (I think) weeks of Intensive Outpatient, where I would go to a group for 3 hours a night, 3 times a week. I hated it. Every second of it. I made friends. But I hated it. Although I’m not exactly sure I learned any better coping skills, I did learn -as cliche as it sounds- that I’m not alone. There were things I thought were unique to my messed up brain, that actually aren’t. I met some of the nicest people who I didn’t realize would change my life for the better and I finally got a therapist I enjoy seeing. As much as I try to block out the fact that any of this happened, I’m actually grateful for the experience.

In May, after 9 months of writing Wander the Arctic as a secret hobby, I decided to tell my friends and family about it. May is BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) Awareness month, and I thought it would be the perfect time to start spreading awareness. On May 1st, I took a deep breath and shared a blog post to my personal Facebook. While I went back and forth for a while about whether or not I regretted letting friends and family in to that part of my life after being treated differently by so many people, I have ultimately decided that the way my brain functions is a part of me. As much as I hate my brain sometimes, we’re a packaged deal. Take it or leave it. In May, I also attended WordCamp -a WordPress conference type of two day event. There were many different types of WordPress users there but ultimately, I had a blast and I learned so much. I look forward to attending more WordCamps in the future and making more friends. I also flew to Toronto for a weekend (Memorial Day weekend in the US) to hang out with the Sashbear Foundation at their annual walk. I also did a lot of site seeing and it was all around a wonderful, much needed solo adventure after everything that was going on with my life. Plus, I live near Indianapolis so escaping the Indy 500 was definitely an added bonus. 

The only thing I honestly remember about June was seeing Harry Styles live. I mean, I feel like that would completely overtake anyones memory though. HARRY. STYLES. YALL.

I turned 25 in July so my quarter life crisis is now in full swing. I had a birthday party for the first time in forever. It was such a blast having all my friends over to drink beer and play games. I felt so much love that day. I also got to see Halsey in Indianapolis. If you know anything about me, you know Halsey is my freaking wife. I love her so much. Probably more than I love my husband. Maybe not that far. But you should understand. Lastly, in July, I became mommy to my 4th cat, Colt. A dear friend of mine had a house fire so I helped her out by taking her cat for a while. I ended up kind of just stealing him. Oops. I love him so much, though. 

Did August even happen? I really don’t remember. It’s been a rough year, y’all. I did a ton of article collaborations in August with musicians and brands. That was fun. I’m thankful for those opportunities. I started working a ton delivering pizzas for extra money. 

In September I got to see the one and only TAYLOR SWIFT. Go ahead, judge me. Also, Camila Cabello opened for her and I love Camila almost as much as I love Halsey. Seriously. September is also when I fell off the face of the earth when it came to blogging.

In October, I went to Cleveland for a wedding. That’s about it. Multiple job life, yo. 

November… the wedding stress became real. I had my bachelorette party and bridal shower all in one weekend so that my best friend could be here from California. With it being a month out from the wedding and everything left to do, mid-November, I kind of just stopped sleeping and started being anxious all the time. Such a fun time.

And finally, December. I got married December 8th to the man of my dreams. It was a fairytale. Then we went to Kauai, Hawaii for a week. Like I said, when 2018 began, I had no idea I would be married by the end of the year.

2018 went absolutely nothing like I had planned. For the most part, it was a mess. But a beautiful mess. All I can do is look back and think “lol that was wild”.

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  • Love you Phoebe! I think John Lennon said it best “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”
    Keep on keepin’ on sweetie, lifes a gas…. enjoy the ride!

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