Do People Still Read Blogs? (& other things you didn’t ask about)

When I tell people that I blog and that I am working toward doing it full time, the response is generally “people still read blogs?” *screams eternally*

I’ve tried different online platforms before *flashback to cringey 2008 youtube channel*. I started blogging in August of 2017 because…well I had nothing better to do, as odd as that sounds. I always had a couple main things at the very top of my bucket list and during the summer of 2017, I did them both and thought “now what?”. I’ve always had a pretty fun life and I wanted to make it even more fun. Essentially, I started a blog as an excuse to do cool sh*t.

I know, I already recapped last year in a post (you can read it here) but I’m going to do it again (yayyyy). Last May, I decided to plaster my name and face all over this blog and post it on my personal social medias, something I was terrified to do before. I had my You Can Still Be Loved Without Loving Yourself post blow up for several days straight. I also published my first article. I was so excited about these things, that in the midst of the mental health crisis I had last spring, I decided to travel to Dayton, Ohio to learn all about WordPress and how to make better content. A week later, I had the opportunity to visit Toronto, something I guarantee I would not have done without my blog.

I log into this site to see hundreds of views most days. When I don’t post for a while, you guys check on me. The fact is that I am motivated to get out of bed and go places to make cool content. I pour my heart into every piece of content I create and I have never in my life put that kind of effort into anything I’ve done. Ever. THAT is why I still blog and I die a little inside every freaking time I have to explain why blogs are still relevant. (Also, fyi any time you search a recipe or a review or whatever it is you are trying to find, its most likely a blog. So yes, still relevant.)


  • I want to blog becuz I have a plethora of info pulsing thru my head at all times. I like your blog. Keep it going.

    • Do it! It’s opened so many doors for me and continues to.

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