What Self Care Actually Is.

I feel like I see the words “self care” left and right and while I am so glad it is a thing that we are promoting, I just want to take a minute to address what self care actually is versus what it is promoted as. Let me say, self care can be taking care of your body or taking a relaxing bath, but it is so much more than buying half of Lush and watching a romantic comedy instead of working. There are so many more things that are self care that we don’t acknowledge so I am going to acknowledge them.

Self care is fueling your brain when you are uninspired. For me, self care was knowing that I felt creatively burnt out and watching a documentary about one of my idols to spark inspiration again.

Self care is taking small initiatives to make your life easier. For me, self care was knowing that I get frustrated 8 hours a day because I can’t find my work keys and purchasing a $2 key chain, solving the problem completely.

Self care is taking a deep breath and owning who you are instead of going to extreme efforts to hide. For me, self care was having a conversation with my new boss about my mental illness that way if I respond inappropriately to a stressful situation, she knows why and can approach the situation with a little background information.

Self care is brushing my hair when I’m depressed, something that is always the first thing I stop doing. Its educating myself after making a mistake to ensure that I don’t make that mistake twice. Its allowing myself to feel something irrational for a moment, but then cleaning up that mindset and moving on.

What do you guys do for self care? Whether it is washing your face every night or something completely profound that I never would have thought of, tell me! Take care of yourself, loves. xo

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  • Epsom salt baths before bed are my self care indulgence. I start the kettle, then begin to fill the bath. Pour myself a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Pour the boiling water from the kettle into the tub and viola ! with a few drops of essential oil I enjoy the aromatherapy as well as the cleanse before climbing into bed fresh for sleep.

    Mind you, I don’t do this every nite, but probably 4 out of 7. Something about floating in the tub is nice for me.

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