my summer bucket list.

wow. I have not made a “summer bucket list” since probably 2012. Summer is definitely not my favorite season but it is indeed travel season. It’s not even officially summer yet and I have already been on two trips. With travel season in full swing, I thought it was only appropriate that I made a list of things I want to do and see for the upcoming few months! I will check them off as they are done so make sure you check back often!

Here are my Summer 2019 plans:

  • weekend getaway with husband
  • visit Chicago
  • make a new friend
  • finish painting my house
  • go to a concert
  • go to a winery
  • go to a lake
  • go on a boat (does a paddle boat count?)
  • play music for someone
  • spend an entire day hiking
  • publish another article
  • go to Pride
  • visit Lincoln’s birthplace
  • visit Cincinnati
  • visit Indiana Dunes
  • throw a party
  • run/walk a 5k
  • volunteer
  • get a new tattoo
  • do touristy things in my own city
  • grow a vegetable
  • visit a state I’ve never been to (I’m gonna count new Canadian Province)
  • book an epic trip for the future
  • blog consistently

That is my somewhat ambitious bucket list for this summer. What is on your list?


  • That’s an incredible list for summer. I hope you get to all of it!

    My list isn’t as extensive, but I am really trying to swim more this summer. Also, visit a nice spring in the middle of the state. Already have some trips up to Ohio planned which will be fun.

    • Swimming more is a good one! Yeah I didn’t put anything on there that I already have planned for sure bc I feel like thats cheating lol

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