Solo Wandering: Toronto, ON, Canada.

At the end of May, I spent five days in my favorite city on this planet: Toronto. During this particular trip, I got to explore the city way more than I ever have any other time I’ve been there and even though I didn’t think it was possible, I fell even more in love with the city. I mean, with this skyline how could you not?!

The main purpose for my visit was the Sashbear walk, which I also have attended previously. I will link the post I wrote about them last year if you’d like to know more about this amazing organization. The walk takes place at Sunnyside Park, where I got to stare at a gorgeous view of the city the entire time.

It rained a lot while I was there. Like, everyday. Pouring rain. So I did spent quite a bit of time at Eaton Centre. It was kind of a central location I always ended up at no matter what direction I started in. I didn’t really do any shopping there though. Just one book.

Right outside Eaton Centre, is Yonge-Dundas Square, where I stumbled upon Poutine Fest- several food trucks from all over Canada serving up their best variations of poutine. The first day, I just had classic Poutine and the second day (yes it went on for several days), I tried Lobster Poutine. I don’t remember which restaurants they were from though, unfortunately.

I went to Toronto Islands two days in a row. The first day I went, I went pretty late in the afternoon. I wanted to walk around the entire island (I took the ferry to the main part of the islands) but due to the flooding from the rain, parts of it were closed (also part of it is a nude beach and no thank you). The second day, I went in the evening but due to the fact that everything closes so freaking early, I didn’t get to do much besides just walking around. I did have dinner and wine while watching the skyline one evening and reflecting on how grateful I am that I can even do things like that. I really don’t understand why everything closes so early though if it is such a popular tourist destination.

On my last day, I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario and since I fit into the 25 & under category (barely), I got in for free. I absolutely love art galleries so of course I loved this. I also went to the CN Tower. Last year I accidentally went on free Skypod day (the highest view) so my experience was loud and crowded. This time I went on a random Tuesday and it was much more pleasant. It was raining and foggy though, so they wouldn’t sell me Skypod because the view was nonexistent. I hung out in the tower for a while. I actually sat down at a table (at the top) and charged my nearly-dead phone for a while (Lol my life).

This trip in particular was very gratitude-filled for me. From being with the Sashbear Foundation, in a sea of people who understood me to just the fact that I was able to take time off from work to do this, I just felt so thankful. I am thankful that I can just peace out of my daily grind sometimes and just say “see ya later” to my job and husband and most people can’t do that. I am thankful that I can see other cities and meet different people when I know so many people who have never even left the state of Indiana. I have such an exciting summer planned and Toronto was the perfect start!

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  • Sounds like a great trip! I love that you able and grateful to travel like this! Summertime is agreeing with you!

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