Blessed in Brokenness

Hello Wanderers! Happy Friday! Today, I would like to introduce you to MJ, who I met through Instagram. I admire her faith as a fellow follower of Christ and I love her insightful blog. Please check her out. I know you will love her blog!


“For some reason, words have always come easy to me. I can remember sitting at my grandparent’s old Gateway desktop computer writing poetry books from a young age. Now, fast forward a couple…(maybe more than a couple years ha) and here I am, sitting down at my Gateway laptop still writing.

This may seem “weird” but when I say words have always come to me, its true. I never really sought out to be a writer but sometimes rhymes would just stick to my heart or pop in my head and I know its not by accident. I firmly believe that the Lord is giving me a story to tell.

For a while I’ve been ignoring this gift. I stopped writing down the inklings to something greater. I stopped going to open mics to preform. I had stopped really digging deep into this creative aspect of my faith. I was starving this soul filling spiritual experience until I was forced to be surrendered by Him. That’s when he spoke to me: Blessed in Brokenness

Through out life, we all have stories of broken hearts and hurting. I believe that God is calling me to come as I am through the struggles and the strife, the trials and tribulations, and tell my story. My story of how God took my brokenness and redeemed it. How God has been a steady force in my life despite my stumbling trying to find my way, when in reality, it was going to be His way all along.

For those who stumble on to my blog, I don’t believe it’s an accident, these words are intentional and purposed in hopes to comfort you, but sometimes they may challenge you. I pray that you find hope and healing in the hard times, solace in your struggles and community in crossroads through the Lord. I only hope that he uses my brokenness to bless you.

With that said, here I am. A broken person who’s life was redeemed by God and here is our story.

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