If you are anything like me and you love good music, I highly recommend you check out my friends in a band called VISTA. VISTA is an alternative-rock band from Long Island, New York comprised of Hope Vista and Greg Almeida. Their latest EP “Long Live” has some of the most well-written songs out there right now. Every song on “Long Live” is so well crafted and has such a unique message; from “Inside Anxious” which is the perfect description of what it’s like to live with anxiety to the impactful message delivered in the song “Henchmen”. They also recently released their newest and quite successful single, “Witch Hunt” and wrapped up their third tour (AND they just played Warped Tour, which is pretty badass if you ask me).

In the past 8 or so months, I’ve seen VISTA on both their Oasis Tour and Bloodlust Tour at the Irving Theater in Indianapolis and I can’t wait to see them again in the future (seriously guys, give us another tour soon?). If you live on the east coast, you definitely have a good chance of catching one of their shows in the near future because they play with some pretty known bands quite often. I’ve never been to one of their bigger shows, but I have loved the smaller ones I’ve been to that showcase local talent as well as a killer set from VISTA. Talking to Greg and Hope, I’ve learned that they are two of the nicest people in the music business and I could not be more proud of their success. Right now, I need you to open Spotify, type in “Vista” and listen to “Henchmen” and “Witch Hunt”. You can thank me later, ok?

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(All photos are credited to Holly Turner.)